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MouseRobot is an outstanding automation utility and scheduler that will greatly facilitate your daily work
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26 April 2011

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This is a tool that lets you create macros for getting a series of steps done by simple invocation of the macro.

MouseRobot is an easy macro recorder program for automating repetitive actions, such as filling out forms, image processing, installing and setting up programs, etc. MouseRobot lets you records a sequence of actions and then execute them as a single command or a macro. Some applications such as the Microsoft Word, Excel or CorelDraw have built-in tools for recording macros. This Mouse Robot tool is what you need for other applications to have that kind of macro recording facility. By combining multiple actions into single invocation of the macro can save you a lot hassle and time. Your productivity should become better. The macro recorder is available with a visual interface. The user doesn’t need any programming skills.

The user should not need much of a familiarization time. To make things simple, the sequence map comes with screenshots of executed actions. You thus get a visual representation of each step. Creating a macro becomes quite simple. It has the required flexibility and versatility to let you automate actions of virtually any level of complexity. The macros that require interaction with a graphical interface also are easy to construct. Recording of mouse movements and keystrokes are also easily done. Task scheduler lets you start macros automatically. Conditions and loops can change the sequence of actions and automate repeated actions in macros. Variables and built-in functions for automatic data processing in macro recording are additional features that make macro making quite powerful. Additionally, you are able to add in built-in VBScript programming language for advanced automation tasks. This is really a quite powerful macro creator.

Publisher's description

Some applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel or Corel Draw have built-in tools that allow you to record a sequence of actions and then execute them as a single macro. But most applications don't have such a feature. MouseRobot fills this gap and even allows coordination of interactions among several applications.
MouseRobot will help you delegate routine tasks that waste your time and efforts to your computer and make any task simpler and faster to perform. Using MouseRobot you can configure your software environment for maximum effectiveness.
As well as simplifying work with other applications, MouseRobot takes into account users comfort while they work with the program itself. Its neatly organized interface takes no time to get used to. For your convenience, the sequence map comes with screenshots of executed actions, so that you have a visual representation of each step. Such intuitive controls guarantee that making macros of any complexity will turn into a breeze.
Possessing a surprising degree of flexibility and versatility, it allows you to automate actions of virtually any level of complexity, including those ones that require interaction with a graphical interface.
The work of MouseRobot isn't based on simple recording of mouse movements and keystrokes. It analyzes your actions determining which parts of the interface the pointer interacts with to create a special sequence map. It allows you to successfully use macros even if position and shape of the menus or other elements get different. Moreover, this approach also means that the sequence will be executed with maximum speed your PC allows.
MouseRobot is an excellent automation utility that will greatly facilitate your automation tasks and expedite your day to day operations. Automation has never been so easy!
Version 2.1
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